• Entrees

    Red Beans and Rice

    13 servings of 6 oz.
    St. Columb’s style, award-winning recipe with sausage & served with crostinis.

    Add red onion, cheese, or jalapenos for extra.

    Vegetarian Pasta

    13 servings of 6 oz.
    fresh local vegetables and linguine tossed in our own garlic-infused olive oil

    Chicken Alfredo

    11 servings of 8 oz.
    grilled chicken linguine tossed in alfredo sauce topped w/ fresh parmesan

    Zydeco Pasta

    10 servings of 8 oz.
    Gulf jumbo shrimp, bacon & chicken in a garlic rosemary cream sauce w/ white wine and macaroni, then topped w/ mozzarella & roasted peppers

    Seafood Pasta

    11 servings of 8 oz.
    shrimp, crawfish & linguine tossed in Cajun alfredo w/ tomatoes & onions

    Shrimp & Grits

    10 servings of 8 oz.
    savory shrimp sauteed w/ pecan-wood smoked bacon, onions, tomatoes, & garlic; served on top of our roasted corn & cheese grits, then smothered w/ a sweet corn cream sauce

    Georgia Blue Crawfish and Grits

    10 servings of 8 oz.
    crawfish, onions, tomatoes, and garlic served on our roasted corn grits and covered with our Cajun cream sauce

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