Add a side House, Garden, or Caesar salad for 4

GBBB (Georgia Blue Breakfast Bowl)  NEW!

it’s always a good time for breakfast! Corn grits, fried green tomatoes, fried egg, and a Country Pleasin’ sausage link topped with white gravy - 16

Duck and Sausage Gumbo  NEW!

served over potato salad... that’s right: potato salad! This close-kept Louisiana secret of adding a little cool creaminess to your hot gumbo! (We will reluctantly substitute rice if you’re not feeling adventurous) - Cup 10 - Bowl 17

Georgia Blue Shrimp & Grits

savory jumbo shrimp sautéed with applewood smoked bacon, onions, tomatoes & a sweet garlic corn cream sauce on top of our roasted corn & cheese grits - 24

Atlantic Salmon

grilled salmon served with local roasted corn grits, seasonal vegetables & roasted red pepper sauce - 22

The Mardi Gras

fresh Cajun mahi grilled to perfection and served on garlic mashed potatoes, sautéed spinach & diced tomatoes, topped with crawfish Mardi Gras Sauce - 23

Georgia Blue Grilled Chicken

with hickory smoked ham, Havarti cheese, Vardaman sweet potatoes & seasonal vegetables - 18


a guaranteed “happy plate!” Golden-fried or grilled chicken breast served on a bed of rice, covered in our GB queso and served with tortilla chips - 16

Genna Benna's Chicken Strips

fried or grilled chicken tenderloins served with honey mustard - 15

Bayou Catfish

fried Simmons catfish served over corn & cheese grits, tomatoes, okra, and topped with bayou crawfish cream sauce - 22

Shrimp Tacos

jumbo grilled or fried shrimp on flour tortillas served with lettuce & fresh corn pico de gallo, tossed in sweet red chili sauce and served with fresh corn tortilla chips and a side of queso - 22

GB Smothered Chicken

fried or grilled chicken breast topped with shredded queso, mushrooms & sautéed onions, then smothered in our rich brown gravy and served atop garlic mashed potatoes with grilled corn - 20

Mahi Tacos

blackened mahi on flour tortillas with lettuce and pico de gallo tossed in our Dynamite Sauce, served with fresh corn tortilla chips and a side of queso - 22

Stockyards Ribeye

12 oz. Stockyards Angus ribeye with choice of two sides - Market Price

Red Beans & Rice

St. Columb’s style, award-winning recipe with Country Pleasin' sausage & served with Gambino’s French bread crostini, garnished with green onion (gluten free option served without crostini) - Cup 10 - Bowl 17

Add red onion, cheese, jalapeños, or sour cream for 0.75 each

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