Welcome Back!

We would say we're glad to be back, but we never left! Here is what we've been doing while you were gone to keep our guests, our team, and our families safe:

  • Hired a Registered Nurse on our team to guide us on the safest ways to prepare our restaurants for your return
  • Required our entire team to take educational courses, including COVID-19 To-Go Preparedness, COVID-19 Delivery Preparedness, and Servsafe Manager Training
  • Completely emptied our kitchens and developed a process to clean and sanitize them like sterile operating rooms
  • Developed a process to monitor staff health and sanitation in order to provide long term sanitary conditions
  • Conducted extensive training on handwashing, proper application and removal of gloves, and the proper way to handle face masks
  • Ensured that all dishes and cooking utensils are washed in a low temp chemical type dish machine that utilizes chlorine sanitization
  • Transitioned to a single-use menu so that it can be discarded after each use
  • Removed 50% of dining tables so that we could ensure proper social distancing
  • Required all staff to wear PPE that meets or exceeds state and CDC regulations
  • Developed a “Curbside Reservation System” so that our guests may wait in their vehicle until their table is ready, thereby eliminating crowded waiting areas
  • Developed new staff positions to ensure your absolute health – they are:
Shift Safety Manager: responsible for logging temperature of all employees, continuously wiping down all high traffic surfaces, and ensuring that all hand washing and sanitizing stations are fully stocked and functioning
    Dedicated Food Runner: solely responsible for the handling and carrying of sanitized plates of food from the kitchen to the dining area (recognized by white chef coat)
      Dedicated Busser: Solely responsible for the removal of dirty dishes and debris from the dining room to the kitchen (recognized by black chef coat)